Thursday, January 9, 2014

Her New Numbers

Off to the pediatrician today for Ruby’s “one month” well-baby check-up (she’s officially seven weeks old today, but who’s counting???).
She weighs in at 10 pounds (75th percentile) and measures 22 inches (90th percentile).  She is following suit with her brothers, falling into the 98th percentile for her head circumference.  Big brains, these babies have.
Overall, she looks great and is doing really, really well.
My only concern at this appointment was in regards to Ruby’s post-bottle spit up.  She has always burped really well, with no to minimal spit up.  For the past week, however, she’s been spitting up what could be considered significant amounts.  Not consistently, thankfully, and she doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable as a result, but it has put me on high alert.  It was at six weeks that Reed began showing signs of reflux, and we know what a nightmare that was!  Our pediatrician noted that as long as it doesn’t seem to bother her, it’s probably not significant.  But we’ll be keeping tabs on it and noting any changes in her mood or sleep and eating habits.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t progress into anything beyond spittle!
In brief, she’s pretty much perfect.
But we already knew that.

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