Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two Months Old

I can honestly say that these days are not passing by way too quickly…meaning, I still have no negative feelings about time flying by and Ruby growing up too fast.  Because it isn’t.  And she’s not.  We are genuinely enjoying each and every day we’ve been given with Ruby, and with our new family of five, that each day that comes and goes is just another way to celebrate all the good that God has given us.
In just the last couple days, Ruby started moving up to four ounces per feeding.  I am balancing her bottles between three and four ounces, depending on the time of day and when she last ate.  It’s kind of nice that, because we’re bottle feeding, I can manipulate her feedings to suit our activity schedule and our bedtime.  She’ll go three hours on a four ounce bottle, but only two to two and a half hours with three ounces.  I’m more sure now that she does have a moderate case of reflux.  She continues to sporadically spit up a little to a lot after eating, and while it doesn’t seem to bother her most of the time, there are moments when it’s obvious she doesn’t care for it a whole heck of a lot.  She’ll have crying fits every now and again (maybe 2-3 times a week, in the early evening) and it’s pretty obvious she’s uncomfortable.  Thankfully, things are not as significant as they were with Reed, and we have our fingers crossed that they never get that bad!
Ruby sleeps well, although she has yet to give me another 8 hours of sleep.  For a while, she was like a robot, eating at 11pm, then waking at 5am on the nose (no joke…exactly 5:00) to eat again.  But after her full night of sleep last Thursday, her schedule’s been off.  After a late bottle, she’ll wake between 2:00-4:00, eat, and then fall back asleep until early morning.  I am fairly certain that the reason why she slept 8 hours last week was because she was on her tummy.  Reed would wake up numerous times throughout the night until, at some point, we flipped him to his tummy and he began sleeping the night through.  I think the pressure on the belly helps with reflux, hence why Ruby slept so well.  I have yet to flip her to her tummy at night…she’s still a little small for me to feel comfortable doing so.
I do, however, let her sleep on her belly during the day, when I’m awake and can check on her.  And she naps great!  Sometime around noon she’ll go down for a good three-hour nap, which isawesome, considering last month she thought she had to be held in order to nap.  In the morning and evening she’ll cat nap several times, anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.
All of that to say, her awake times are lengthening…although her entertainment needs are minimal.  She prefers lounging on our legs and talking with us over laying underneath her play gym and engaging with rattles. She’s not content in the bouncy seat or the swing for any more than five minutes, but if you perch her up on some pillows so she can see and hear, she’s good for at least 15.  
Milestones this month include her first Christmas, first road trip, and her first giggle.  She smiles big and smiles a lot, and every once in a while she’ll squeak as she’s smiling.
And I’m fairly certain Brad is her favorite.  As it should be, I suppose. 

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