Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The addition of Ruby to our family definitely evened out the guy to girl ratio in our home…and it also made it clear that it isn’t a Boys World around here anymore!  Her arrival, and a handful of other reasons, prompted the decision to begin anew here, with a new blog name and blog host.  (Although it occurred to me after this was designed that simply crossing off “Boys” and writing in “Ruby’s” would have been quite accurate, because, as my own brothers will agree, the world does revolve around the little sister!)
Why “A Happy Place”?  Because that’s what I hope my children find here, within the walls of our home and within the arms of each other.  I hope they find love and laughter and joy and comfort and all happy things as we raise them and teach them and hold them and love them.  Are things always rosy?  Uh, no.  Are we always in the mood to smile?  Certainly no.  But do we love each other deeply and search for joy and fun and happiness in everyday?  You bet.  As I continue to share our lives here on the blog with all of you, I hope to translate to you that while things are definitely not perfect, we are, indeed, in a very happy place.
{Shout-out to my brother, Justin, who whipped together my blog header in a matter of minutes.  Yep, he’s awesome.}
So welcome!  Welcome to “A Happy Place”, our new home here in the ol’ blogosphere.  I am learning to navigate through this new template for blogging, so bear with me as I learn the ropes and experiment with the site.  And It’s a Boys World isn’t going anywhere…it will stay “live” for quite some time as I have no less than 10 posts to finish (dating back to summer!) to finish off 2013 before I can work to publish it in our yearly Blurb book.  I’ll be sure to direct you back to those posts as I complete them.
Happy reading!

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