Thursday, February 20, 2014

Old Girl

Luci doesn’t get a lot of press here on the ol’ blog.  She is nearing the 10 year mark, and she’s taken up her role as sleepy, lap dog (minus the lap part) quite well.  I’m not even sure she’s noticed Ruby yet…when we brought the baby home from the hospital, Luci didn’t even flinch.  No smelling, no inspecting, no nothing.  Her thoughts were probably along the lines of “Great.  Another one.”
Nevertheless, she has fulfilled her breed’s tendency to be great for families with young children.  She has always been gentle, protective, and sweet on our three, and while our kids do their best to ignore her most of the time, when Luci is in need, the boys are quick to jump in and help.  No doubt she is a significant fixture in our family.  Even when she drives me crazy with all the peeing in the house and aggressive behavior to get whatever last morsel of food she can pull off the table, she holds a special place in our hearts.
Last week, Brad took Luci in to our vet for her annual check-up, and he came home with a whopping list of diagnoses for our aging pup.  Among them: the beginning of cataracts, a heart murmur (which apparently isn’t of concern unless she starts coughing), weight loss (five pounds, which isn’t necessarily bad as she’s been overweight for quite some time, but is certainly indicative of aging as she lives a pretty sedentary lifestyle), and six masses (the largest of which is 7x11cm and sits underneath her left arm, forcing that leg to protrude out and causing that foot to be pigeon-toed).   
When we brought Luci home so many years ago, I remember thinking “I’ll be darn near 40 when this dog kicks the bucket!”  That was a long way off at the time, but here I am, not too far away from that milestone, and here’s our old girl, still tagging along.  Here’s to hoping she’s got a few more years in her! 

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