Friday, February 28, 2014

Three Months Old

Last Friday, our girl turned three months old.
Three months with this little sweet wonder.
Three months of less sleep, but more joy.
Three months as Five.
Three months of being filled so full that my heart might actually burst.
Three months to remind me exactly why I’ve always wanted so badly to be a mom, and the fresh reminder, every day, that my three are truly a gift. 
So loving this new life, us together as five.
I feel like, in this last month, we’ve really established a pretty great schedule; meaning, managing three children has become pretty routine.  And it feels pretty great.  Everyone is still adjusting, to a certain degree, but I feel like we’ve arrived at a really good balance of responsibilities and schedules and, well, life.  It’s all just kind of coming together, and the credit must go in large part to Ruby, as for the last month, she has been consistently sleeping through the night.  {Which meansI’ve been sleeping through the night, which makes me really really happy, and that old adage “if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” is so, so true.  So there’s that.}  Shortly after her two-month birthday, when she was still waking once a night to eat, it seemed to me that she really wasn’t that hungry or interested in her bottle.  So when she woke, I began rocking her back to sleep with her pacifier instead of feeding her.  She’d fall back asleep, and stay asleep, until morning.  It took just a few nights of doing that before she began to sleep through.  She’ll stir early morning (sometime between 5:00 and 6:00, usually) but a pop of the pacifier will keep her satisfied for another hour or two.  She gives us at least eight hours, usually more, so that is really, reallygreat.  
But what is even better…her morning smiles!  Oh my word, this girl is happy! She flashes the biggest, brightest smiles all day long, but the ones she gives when she first wakes up are my favorite.  She will be patient as we change her diaper and get her bottle ready {just don’t dawdle - she is hungry!}, with big, wide, toothless smiles lighting up the whole room.  It’s a great way to wake up in the morning!
Ruby has also found her voice this last month.  She is cooing and squealing and squeaking and giggling and it is so much fun hearing her jabber away!  I think she even surprises herself sometimes as she’ll make a loud noise, and then her face will go stone-cold with giant bug eyes.  Her personality is starting to show and she is a hoot!
Ruby’s awake times continue to lengthen; she can last about an hour and a half before she needs a little shut eye, and her naps still consist of one 3-4 hour nap with several 30 minutes to an hour cat naps in between.  She has taken a liking to her swing, both to play and to sleep.  She has taken a greater interest in her rattles and other toys that hang off the toy bars on her bouncy seat and play mat, and she’ll be content with those for longer periods of time. 
Ruby is still on a 24 ounces a day feeding schedule, although there are a few days we only manage to get in 20 ounces because of when and how long she decides to nap during the day.  I’m a bit concerned that her reflux is beginning to be painful for her.  It is still very sporadic, and it can be pretty mild, but the more significant episodes are increasing and the ringing in my ears I’m experiencing from her screaming cries afterwards tells me she doesn’t like it so much.   We have another pediatric appointment next week, so we’ll discuss it then.
Milestones this month include her baptism and her first Valentine’s Day.  She rolled over a couple of times (belly to back) one evening while doing tummy time, but she hasn’t since, so likely a fluke.  She continues to grow and would still likely fit into a few of her 0-3 month outfits, but I washed up her 3-6 month wardrobe and she has started to wear those.  While I am still cherishing each and every day, not at all regretting that my girl is growing, it has been a bit difficult putting away some of these really cute outfits that she has outgrown!  Girls clothes are just so much fun!
Here’s to month number four!

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