Saturday, February 1, 2014

Turtle Power!

Because we like to make the celebration last at least a week, we partied today, Ninja Turtle style, celebrating Drew with a handful of his school friends.
Man, does he look old!
You know by now how much I enjoy putting together birthday parties for the boys.  This year was no exception; however, I had to put my “time to be realistic” cap on as time and energy are currently not at a level they need to be to be as creative as I like {read: Ruby!}.  As it turns out, I was still able to be a bit creative and recruit a little help from the birthday boy himself.
Drew wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party theme, and he invited eight friends from school using store-bought invitations (his invitee limit was eight because that’s how many invites came in the package…he would have liked to invite a few more, I think, but our house isn’t that big and I was already counting on at least one or two “no’s” from the eight he did invite).
A very simple table scape.  I wanted the kids to eat in the kitchen, so I cleared out the chairs and the food was placed on the counter.
I pinned quite a few ideas on Pinterest, which was were I spied the idea for this cake.  This was the easiest of the ideas I came across, and one I knew I could pull off.  Triple layer chocolate cake with green frosting and a fabric mask to look like Raphael’s head. 
I always like to make my own birthday banner, related to the party theme, as something creative and fun for party decor.  I cut the letters using my Cricut, then created the turtle heads {to mimicthese} with cardstock and a mask template I found here.
Snack ideas were also mainly taken from different ideas found on Pinterest.  And Drew’s turtle action figures make for nice decor.
Green apples and caramel, oreos (they look like sewer lids!) and cheese and crackers.
Cheetos, pizza rolls (the turtles loooooove pizza), water and green juice.  I’ve learned that snacks are not the hit of the party; I usually have too much as the kids are more interested in just being loud and running around. ;)  These seemed to go over well, though, as the only thing that remained when the party was done was ¾ of the cheetos.
Drew was the guy behind the games.  He came up with two really great ideas, and was put in charge of putting them together.
The first was “Bowl over the Bad Guys.”  He drew several of the bad guys from TMNT and taped them onto our plastic bowling pins.  Then, obviously, the object is to bowl over the bad guys.  He did a really great job, and the kids really liked it.
The other two games we were planning on were “Toss the Turtle” {we have a couple stuffed TNMTurtles that look like balls that we were going to toss into the basketball hoop} and “Going to the Sewer” {we cut a circle out of cardboard to look like a sewer lid - it’s a game like Musical Chairs except when the music stops, whoever is on the sewer lid is out}.  We found, however, that Drew may be reaching the age when games aren’t as fun anymore.  The kids really just wanted to play with the toys and hang out with each other.  Think one giant playdate. 
I also picked up a package of tattoos for additional party fun.
Drew’s friends began arriving at 2:00.  They immediately went to the basement and entertained themselves.  Put a bunch of kids together in a room with a bunch of toys, and they pretty much take care of themselves!  At some point we came upstairs for cake and ice cream.
And then Drew opened his gifts from his friends.
I just have to say that Drew has some of the greatest friends.  Some are a little loud and rambunctious :) but I am so proud of the kids Drew has chosen to be around.  They are all good for him, and I hope they feel the same way about him.
{To note: the girl at the party.  Drew and Nizi were in the same class last year in kindergarten and are in the same class again this year.  From what I’ve seen of them when they’re together, and from what I was told from their kindergarten teacher, they are really, really good friends.  After seeing them together today, I would classify them as the kind of friends that have known each other their whole lives, even though they’ve only known each other for a year and a half.  They just seem to fit well together.  It’s fun.}
As a thank you, we put together little goodie bags for all of Drew’s friends.  I picked up a quarter of a yard of felt for each color of the turtles’ masks, and made what I hoped would be enough that everyone would get the color of their choice.  There was no arguing, so it must’ve worked out. :) 
I picked up the bags at the Dollar Tree (3 for a $1 - love them!) and included inside stickers, TMNT candy, green M&Ms, and a green necklace.
Turtle Power! {Reed was in on all the party action too, he just opted out of the photo op!}
By 4:00, the friends were gone, and I was told by the birthday boy he had a really great party.

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