Saturday, February 22, 2014

Welcoming Friends

We had the pleasure of hosting our very good friends, the Vrieze family, here at our home this past weekend.  This is the third time they have visited us here in Michigan (we’ve lived here now for only 19 months)…and they live in Minnesota.  These are true friends, people!
It is always a special treat to have them here, as brief as the visits are, and we are always so grateful that they take the time to travel so far to be with us here.  They made it a priority to visit us {roughly} twice a year when we lived in Illinois, and now they continue to make travel plans to see us even as the miles between us lengthen and the number of children to travel with increases!
One of the things that I have noticed, especially the last few times we’ve been together, is the way that our children just pick up where they left off the last time they were together.  It’s a lot like Kathy and me…we hug and say hello and are excited to be together, but it’s really like we haven’t been apart.  It’s that kind of friendship, ya know?  Well, the same can be said for our kids; which I find pretty remarkable considering our six have never lived near each other and see each other so infrequently!
June 2009: Drew, Reed, Norah & Grace
Last Friday: Grace, Drew, Norah & Reed
Wow.  Just wow.
So we spent just a few days together.  There was a lot of chatting and catching up.
The kids spent a lot of time playing in the basement, and running back and forth from upstairs to downstairs.
And there was one sweet new baby to meet.
And fresh snow to romp around in.
And, of course, a whole lot of this.
Kathy & Scott - Thank you.

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