So a little bit ago this little stinker came roaring into my life…
and then BAM! just like that, he goes and turns five.
Five, y'all.
For as much as I am so okay to see Ruby grow and change and develop and get older day after day…when these two boys begin doing the same, I get a little like “hey now, hold up!”  But honestly, for as sad as I am to say good-bye to four-year-old Reed, I just know there is so much, so so much, in store for five-year-old Reed.
This guy.  He brings so much crazy to our lives!  So much crazy, and so much fun and excitement and trouble and silliness and frustration and laughter and love.  He brings joyand is quite possibly the funniest kid I know.
He challenges and questions, he’s independent and strong, he’s passionate and sensitive, and he’s incredibly sweet and kind-hearted.
He is pretty awesome. 
And there’s so much more awesome to come.
Happy Birthday, my man!  We love you so, so much!