Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Little About My Boy {& a Proud Mama Moment}

I know that I share much less about Drew than I used to.  This is mostly unintentional, but as I’ve thought about it, there are a handful of reasons as to why this is so.  The most obvious, of course, is that I have so much to share about Ruby.  She takes center stage in a variety of ways, but there is certainly the most to share about her here, on the blog.  Second, Drew’s at school the majority of our waking hours here at home, so he and I just aren’t together as much as we were just a few years ago. 
The most telling reason, however, is that Drew is getting older.  He’s seven now, and growing up in such a new kind of way.  He’s pushing and pulling and giving and taking and figuring things out and often times, it can be a struggle.  I don’t mean for it to sound negative, not at all; Brad and I are just learning how to parent this boy who just keeps growing older.  And a very big part of that is setting boundaries for how and when and to whom we share his stories with, if at all.
So in order to respect his privacy and his person, there just may not be as much press around here about our oldest.  
That said, these self-imposed boundaries do not exempt me from sharing my very, very proud Mama moments. ;)
A couple weeks ago, Brad and I met with Drew’s teacher for his spring conference.  He’s doing well academically (which we were expecting, and are, of course, very glad about) but I am always curious about how Drew is doing socially in the classroom.  We know that behavior at home is different than behavior at school (thank goodness!) but I wanted to check in with his teacher to be sure that some of the negative things we see at home are not also happening at school.
I really liked what his teacher had to tell us.
She commented a bit on how his leadership skills have grown, and how the other students look up to him because they know he does things correctly and behaves appropriately.  She also mentioned that he speaks kindly, always listens, and is responsible.  All awesome.  Very proud. 
But this was the kicker.  This was what made my heart soar:
“Everyone wants to be Drew’s friend.”
More often than not, at some point during the day, I feel like I have totally failed as his mom.  I’ve been too harsh, too frustrated, too impatient.  I don’t speak with love or kindness or compassion, and I wonder “why would I expect my son to behave any differently than me???”  And I am so, so glad that there is a Father in Heaven that not only forgives me of my inadequacies, but protects my son from them as well.
So thankful that my boy is a good friend.
So thankful that my boy knows how to treat others well.
So thankful for my boy’s tender heart and sweet disposition.
So thankful that, especially amidst the hard moments, that God is teaching both of us how to do this thing.
So thankful that my boy is mine.
{Drew stayed home from school yesterday, as a result of all the fun we had on Monday. When I dropped him off this morning, one of his teachers told me that there were several classmates who expressed their disappointment that “Awww, Drew’s not here today???”}  :)

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