Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Tale of Two Naps

Sure sign of sickness?
The kid who states he needs a nap, and voluntarily climbs up on the couch and tucks himself in with a pillow and blanket, without even the mention of watching a TV show.
This was last Thursday.  Reed wasn’t showing any signs of significant illness, just a cough and the appearance of being very, very tired, but when he requested to “rest”, I knew something was brewing.  He proceeded to nap for two and a half hours.  I’m fairly certain it’s been darn near a year since he did that!  By the time the evening rolled around, his cough was becoming more significant; so much so that he ended up vomiting because he was coughing so violently.  Y.u.c.k.  I made a call into the pediatrician right away Friday morning, and to be honest, had it not been a Friday, I probably would not have called - but I preferred to see our own doctor as opposed to making a trip into Urgent Care at some point over the weekend.
By the time we arrived at the doctor’s office for our 11:30 appointment, Reed had a fever of 103.5 degrees and he looked like a ghost.  He even fell asleep in the van for the drive over (it takes maybe 10 minutes) and then proceeded to snooze - sitting up - as we waited in the exam room.
Tests for both strep and influenza came back negative, thankfully, but was instead diagnosed with a nasty viral infection.  We received a prescription to help with the cough, and instructions to call if he wasn’t better by Monday.
That afternoon, Reed snuggled in for his second nap in as many days…
…and again slept for a couple of hours.
{Saturday early evening he ended up snoozing on the couch for a little over an hour, and on Sunday he got his pajamas on and headed to bed pretty much on his own.}
By Saturday night, it seemed as though he was doing better.  His cough wasn’t as fierce and it wasn’t keep him up as much at night.  Monday night, however, was awful.  He woke me up around midnight, asking me to sleep with him, and he just hacked away for a good two hours before finally falling back asleep after we relocated to the couches.  I decided to call back in to the pediatrician yesterday, although perhaps I did that more for my sake than for Reed’s!  {I’m tired!!!}  I ended up being glad I did as all the drainage from his nose was beginning to cause an infection in his right ear.  So while there’s not much we can do to relieve his cough besides wait it out, we did get antibiotics for the oncoming infection, thereby avoiding the horror that is ear pain in a small child.  
He’s on the up and up now, as the level of mayhem I can hear currently coming from his bedroom, tells me so.  
I certainly hope this is it for him for the rest of this season…and while I can’t handle being sick right now, if that’s what it takes to get a little shut eye around here…I would almost - almost - take it… 
*UPDATE {3/20}*
Reed’s cough is lessening (yay!) and he’s sleeping through the night (double yay!) but he seems to have passed a few of his germs along to Ruby (boo!).  Also, his annual spring outbreak of herpes is rearing it’s ugly face as a couple of cold sores popped up on Reed’s lips today.  They were already noticeably larger tonight at bedtime than they were this afternoon when I first noticed them, and because they are actually on his lips, I can’t use the prescribed “for external use only” creams we’ve used in the past on his chin.  Oh the fat lip he’ll have when he wakes in the morning…
Aaaannnnddddd Drew brought home a note from school today stating that his classroom has been exposed to lice.
The fun just never ends!!!

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