Friday, March 21, 2014

Four Months Old

How quickly things change!  When I think about all that a baby accomplishes in her first year of life, I marvel at the awesomeness of all of the growth that takes place in such a short period of time.  But I tend to forget that, as each month passes by, that is exactly what we’re moving towards - in other words: of course it goes by quickly and she changes so rapidly!  Oh, the difference between newborn Ruby and today’s Ruby!  And all in just four short months!
Things have remained pretty much status quo in regards to her sleeping and eating habits.  She’s still sleeping though the night and taking one long nap with several cat naps throughout the day.  Her awake time continues to lengthen, lasting up to two hours before needing to catch a little shut eye.  She continues to eat every three-ish hours, and we’ve bumped up almost every bottle to five ounces.  Depending on how her naps fall throughout the day, she’ll end the day with anywhere from 25 to 27 total ounces.  At some point this month, we’ll introduce spoon feeding, provided Ruby shows signs of interest.
This month can best be described as the beginning of discovery.  Ruby has become much more interested and engaged with the toys that hang on the toy bars of both her bouncy seat and her play gym (and spending more time sitting there, being entertained by them); reaching, holding and pulling as she tries to figure out just what the heck is dangling so close to her face.  She has tracked and maintained eye contact with us for quite a while, but to see her actively engaged with *stuff* has been fun to see.  She’s also becoming more physical with her hands, arms and legs - holding things, sucking on her fists (she’s currently holding the record for being able to fit her whole fist in her mouth), and kicking and kicking and kicking.  She {still} hates tummy time, although I admit she rarely sees any as I quite simply forget about it, but the strength in her neck is pretty impressive, regardless.
Milestones this month: her first cold.  Boo.  
Random tidbits, for your amusement: Her fingernails grow insanely fast.  She’s drooling.  A lot.  She has the cutest little baby sneezes ever.  And she’s beginning to sport quite the mohawk as the baby hairs on the sides of her head are starting to thin (from sleeping on her tummy).
She is still the sweetest, happiest baby girl ever.

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