Friday, March 14, 2014

Ounce by Ounce

Last Wednesday (the 5th), I took Ruby into the pediatrician for her four month well-baby check-up (we’ve been off on these for some reason…our previous appointments were “late” and now we’re scheduled “early” as Ruby is only 3 ½ months).  Anyway… she still looks great.  Healthy and happy — what more could we ask for?
She is, however, still stumping her doctor on the scale.  She weighed in at 11 pounds 15 ounces, which puts her in the 10th-25th range on the percentile graph, which means she has “dropped” again, previously charting at the 50th percentile mark.  Weighing just shy of 12 pounds, she should be consuming 27-28 ounces of formula a day, but she still sits at about 24 ounces a day (if we’re lucky).  So the plan of attack was to see if we could stuff her silly, getting in as much as possible, and come back in a week for a weight recheck.
The best we did was manage to squeeze in 26 ounces on one day, otherwise we did pretty well to get in the 24.  The girl just doesn’t seem to require what the books say she should.  She goes so far as to stop herself; if she’s full, she stops sucking, pushing the bottle out of her mouth.  Or she’ll kind of play around with it a little bit, showing no real interest in continuing.  Not all of the time, but enough to know she’s finished for the time being.  Still sleeping well and still very, very happy, so I feel like we’re doing really well. ;)
So back this week for the weigh-in…and she’s up to 12 pounds 6 ounces!  An ounce a day is great gain!  {Sidenote: Reed had to come along to the appointment and he and I placed bets on what Ruby’s numbers would be.  Reed’s guess was spot on!}  So I guess we just keep doing what we’re doing.  Ruby’s really good about giving us cues as to when she’s needing more or less to eat, so we’ll keep following her lead and see how things go.  
Of note, Ruby also go her 2nd round of vaccines at last week’s appointment.  Four separate shots (just horrible), and for a couple days thereafter she was not her normal, chipper self.  Very sad, very uncomfortable, very unsatisfied with much of anything.  A bit of a fever, as well, but come Saturday she was back to normal.  Whew!  
Because this Ruby
is much much more enjoyable than this Ruby!   
(3 weeks old)
{Also, her length was 23 ½ inches.  Just for fun…at 4 ½ months, Reed tipped the scales at 19+ pounds and 27+ inches — and I remember Drew being fairly close to those numbers as well.  Talk about going from one extreme to another!}

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