Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

Beautiful day.
Beautiful church service.
Beautiful Christ.  Beautiful sacrifice.  Beautiful Sunday morning.
Beautiful moments, together.
When we got home after church, the boys ventured out into the backyard to scavenge for eggs left by the bunny.
I had my biggest cooking success today, which really was the icing on my Easter cake.  I’ve been trying for a loooonng time to master the pot roast.  Mine always end up dry; the tender, juicy roast has always been so elusive.  With special thanks to The Pioneer Woman, I knocked it out of the park today!
It made me feel so frisky, I even attempted homemade gravy…which I never do…and Brad said it was good!  Major win, folks.  Major.
Baskets for our bunnies after lunch.
Mid-afternoon we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful, sunshiny, 70 degree weather.  Drew’s been motivated to get the training wheels off his bike, and after today, he’ll be well on his way to independent two-wheel riding.  Major, MAJOR win for that one today.
Showing off her Sunday best.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

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