Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Five Months Old

Our sweet girl turned five months old on Monday.
It feels like this past month has dragged…on…..forever.  This either means that my desire to neither mourn the days that have past nor be anxious for the future is working — or, more likely, the winter-that-never-ends is really taking its toll.
Either way, these seemingly longer days have been really, really good ones.
This has been a month of huge growth, it seems.  We don’t return to the pediatrician until the beginning of next month so I’m unsure of her exact measurements, but boy does it seem like this girl’s been eating miracle grow!  She is filling out her 3-6 month clothes quite nicely, and has lengthened out so much it seems like she won’t fit on her changing table much longer.  I’m super curious to know exactly where she falls on the charts, but I’d be surprised if her weight is still an issue!
Her routine is the same as it has been, which works out wonderfully for those of us who thrive on schedules and knowing what’s going to happen when.  :)  Just last week, she started giving cues that she’s hungry for more formula, so we starting introducing a few six ounce bottles throughout the day.  We also started spoon feeding last week, too.  She seemed to catch on pretty quickly, working her tongue to mash and move the cereal around her mouth, and after her quick and swift eating tonight at dinner, I’d say I’d better get to the grocery store and start stocking up on fruits and veggies!  
She still sleeps as wonderfully as can be expected at night.  She’ll stir enough to need her pacifier every now and again, but often enough we won’t hear her until early morning (“we” — ha!  Brad doesn’t hear a sound - ever!).  She’s maintained a pretty predictable pattern of falling asleep around 8pm, and we’ll have to wake her between 10 and 11 for a final bottle before we’ll put her down in her crib.  She’ll then sleep until 6:30, give or take 10 minutes.  {This girl is a machine - she really does like a schedule!}  Our only hiccup as of late has been her daytime nap preferences.  For several days, she has only been cat-napping - completely forgoing her long afternoon nap all together.  Doesn’t do much for productivity on my end, or mood-swings on her end — can’t quite figure out what’s going on with that, but I have my fingers crossed she returns to her previous preferences soon!
She is more and more playful every day.  She’ll sit in her walker and lay on the floor and engage with her toys or with us or her brothers.  She seems to have a few *favorite* toys, especially those she can either hold easily in her hands or fit comfortably in her mouth.  She is drooling like crazy, but no signs of any teeth yet.
She is happy and giggly and is becoming so much more expressive.  A couple weeks ago, she would sing and coo and screech and talk — loudly — and a lot — that one morning Brad said “You can’t even watch TV with this girl in the room!”  She has the best laugh, and we’ve discovered her ribcage is quite ticklish.
She is *this close* to rolling over.  She celebrated her first Easter this month, and we’ve gone on a handful of short walks on the days it’s been nice enough to do so.  Come on, Spring!
She is, quite honestly, the best.

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