Saturday, June 21, 2014

Seven Months Old

Ruby is more and more fun each and every day.  She is happy and lovable and silly and smiley and just oh so delicious.  Her personality is blossoming and she is one giggly and sweet little girl.  Honestly, the best way to describe her is happy.  She grouches when she’s tired, and she’s a bit irritable when she has a stinky diaper or it’s getting close to feeding time, but other than that, this girl is one tiny bundle of joy!  
Her routine has remained pretty much status quo.  She eats two meals a day with bottles sprinkled in between.  We have started giving her the cereal puffs as her first finger foods, but she is either not a fan of the flavor or the texture or both.  More end up on the floor than in her mouth.  In a couple weeks, I’ll begin serving up some soft people food and we’ll start on that new adventure.  {While our pediatrician said we could start these finger foods beginning at six months, I’m in no real hurry to have this girl grow up on me, so we’re taking our sweet time on most things.} :)
Her sleep patterns are holding steady, as well.  She continues on this several days of cat naps routine, before finally succumbing to a 2-3 hour afternoon nap a couple times a week.  Thankfully, no matter how much or how little she naps during the day, she’s a rock star at night, and she remains happy whether she’s slept for 30 minutes or three hours.  
Ruby is a talker (she fits in just fine around here!).  She was sitting on my lap a couple weeks ago, and clear as day, blurted out “da da.”  And Brad was there to hear it!  The next night, she was crying and blubbering and out came “mamamamamamama”.  Totally counts.  She is sitting up on her own, and enjoys playing on the floor.  Her favorite toys are her soft dolls/snugglies, Sophie, a few choice rattles, and her brothers.  She loves a good game of peek-a-boo and loves to be read to on her bedroom floor.  She may be well on her way to crawling before she reaches eight months; when on her stomach, she’s beginning to push up with her arms and *just about* gets herself up onto all fours.  Watch out, world!
I love having a little girl around.  I love the pink and the bows and the femininity that is seeping into our home.  I love Ruby’s wardrobe and finally being able to browse the girly aisles at Target.  I may or may not have Ruby’s birthday and Christmas gifts already purchased.  I love the possibilities and can’t help but wonder about what it’ll all be like.  So long, month seven!  Hello, new moments and milestones!  

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