Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eight Months Old

At some point in the last couple weeks, time finally caught up with me and it smacked me right between the eyes:  where the heck has the time gone?!  How are we here, 
But here we are, indeed, and things continue to be really, really good.  Ruby is happy and silly and growing and exploring and sometimes you can just see the wheels churning in that beautiful blonde head.  She is a joy and has each of us wrapped around her little finger.
Her eating and sleeping schedule have both remained pretty much the same.  Meals and bottles and naps are all routine – but this girl is becoming quite a foodie!  We probably need to be introducing those finger foods, like pronto, as this girl is grabbing and wanting everything we bring to our mouths.  So that’ll be the big task of the upcoming month.  She now chows down on the baby puffs cereal pieces that she previously was unsure about, and she’ll gobble down four containers of baby food daily.  
I thought for sure she’d be crawling before now, but I suppose I’ll instead celebrate not having to baby proof the house for another day.  She is able to push herself up onto all fours and will rock forward and back, but she just can’t quite get those appendages moving forward yet.  And I walked into her room just the other day to get her from her nap, and she was sitting up in bed.  Time to lower the mattress!!  
Other milestones this month: her first 4th of July and her first family vacation!
Her favorites:  her soft pink blanket for sleeping and screeching matches with her brothers.
She is a gem.  But you already knew that. 

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