Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Vander Waals Come Home from Cincinnati

While our original plan was to spend an extra day galavanting around Cincinnati, we decided to cut vacation a day short and head home on Sunday morning.  This was the perfect decision for us - seven full days away from home is plenty, and we were all pretty spent from all of the walking and here and there and extra stimulation from the week.  But because I’m thorough, and like to look into these sorts of things, the IKEA that resides just north of Cincinnati in West Chester was calling my name.
Thankfully, the boys did amazingly well.  All three of them. :)  Brad put both of them in a shopping cart and cruised through the market place as this girl and I searched for my short list of items.
We weren’t in the store for more than an hour and a half (which included a bottle break for Ruby) and I was able to find almost everything on my “to look at” list.  I came home with several picture frames and a few wall shelves - and let’s be honest - I could’ve come home with a lot more!
There were a lot of awesome moments during our week away.  There were also a handful of not-so-awesome moments.  All in all, we saw a lot, walked a lot, spent a lot of time together, and enjoyed a lot.  Although tired and a bit weary…I can’t wait to do it all again next summer.
Brad’s voice isn’t heard a lot (or at all) here on the blog, so I’ll share here what he shared on Facebook shortly after we returned home:
Home from our family vacation and here are a few of my observations, in no particular order.
1. We are not a warm weather family; has anyone invented an air conditioned shirt yet? And actually it will need to have a heater also for when the kids are cold in restaurants.
3. The Great Wolf Lodge’s Lazy River is the unlaziest river ever
4. Boys of 5 and 7 would rather play with a touch screen display that talks about monkeys than actually watch the monkeys right next to it.
2. Boys of 5 and 7 do not comprehend the true value of stuffing yourself at the FREE hotel breakfast before a day out.
5. Going down a family water slide backwards and being able to see your boys happy faces is pretty priceless! (well not completely priceless otherwise I suppose we would still be there but you know what I mean)

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