Monday, September 22, 2014

10 Months Old

I have had a moment - or two - this past month where I’ve fallen into a state of reflection - remembering so vividly those first few weeks after Ruby’s birth, how tiny and fragile and still and sweet smelling - only for that memory to be followed very quickly by the reality of the right now - the babbling and the crawling and the grabbing and the giggling and the shrill shrieking.  This could be because once in the last week, very briefly but very deeply, I battled with The Ache - the bittersweet reality that I never again will carry and give birth to another baby.  That, however, is a post for another day.
All of that to say - I am beginning to experience a bit of nostalgia for the days that have passed.  While my outlook continues to be one of “no remorse for yesterday,” I have allowed myself a few moments of missing that itty-bitty baby girl.  They’re not kidding — they do grow up so fast!
For all that newborn baby Ruby was, this Ruby here, she’s something else!  She is spunky and sweet and silly.  She is curious and brave and easy-going.  She is so much fun!
Within days after posting her nine month update, where I mentioned she was pulling herself up to her knees, Ruby went ahead and pulled herself up to her feet.  She was all, “ain’t no big deal.”  And last weekend is when I would say she legitimately started cruising around the ottoman or along the edge of the sofa.  It is very much a slow shuffle, but that girl is movin’!  She is also giving an abundance of hello and good-bye waves, and we’ve found that this girl loves music.  Her favorites right now are Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”.  Also, a third tooth popped through last Sunday.
Ruby’s eating and sleeping habits have remained the same.  Sometime in the next month we’ll eliminate the afternoon bottle and replace it with a real meal, so that by the time we get within a few weeks of her first birthday, we’ll be down to just the one bottle before bedtime.  But again, I’m in no real hurry to rush things along. :)
With the cooler weather here these last few weeks, I have washed up all of her 9-12 month fall/winter wardrobe.  Most of the pants are still too long for her, and she still fits comfortably into her 6-9 month onesies.  Hopefully she won’t have a huge growth spurt come this winter … but if Ihave to go shopping in the baby girl department, I guess I have to….
She loves:  
Pinky, her small, pink, silky and soft blanket.  
Any thing littering our house that she can get her hands on that isn’t a toy - that girl is more satisfied with the drink coasters and old magazines than the three baskets of toys on the floor, clearly within her reach.  Obviously.
Pacifiers.  Although she doesn’t so much suck on the thing as much as she just flicks it around with her tongue.  
Baths.  No toys required.  Just a couple of small cups to throw about and water to splash and slap.  If one of the boys is in the shower or tub, she wants in on some of that!
Her brothers.  Maybe a little too much.  The boys have officially posted the “No Girls Allowed” sign on their bedroom door.  
Her daddy.  He’s her favorite.  And I think the feeling is mutual.
And me.  I’m her other favorite.  Especially when we go to Target and I make her try on hats.

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