Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Dear Friends & Family,
So, it’s been pretty quiet around here lately, huh?  I know.  If you’re at all sad about that, know that I’m sad, too.  It seems something has to give when we begin introducing more and more children into our home!  There are days I wish sleep wasn’t an essential part of survival — do you knowwhat I could get accomplished in the midnight hours if I didn’t have to sleep?!?  Then other days, I wish I could sleep all.day.long.  Because wow.  This motherhood gig can be exhausting!  Obviously, Ruby has been a more than welcome addition to our family and to our life (duh) but along with her arrival has also come a change in schedule and priorities.
Now don’t freak out.  I’m not done blogging.  I love this space.  I love writing and sharing and documenting everything that is happening for us.  I love that we’ll have these stories and pictures recorded forever.  I love that, as I’ve published this blog into a book, my children will be able to look back and see our life, just as we experienced it.
That said, I’ve missed a lot.  For several years, I made it a priority to share photos and record funny stories right away so they wouldn’t be lost.  I wanted to post within the day of an event so that everything was fresh and the little details wouldn’t be lost.  And, as it has been proven the last couple years, the longer I wait, the less inspired I feel to remember and record.  And that stinks.
With the boys now back in school full-time, I’m hoping (and counting on!) a revitalization of this here blog.  I have a fairly lengthly list of past events and experiences that I want to get published, and thankfully, have many of them in the works, and some even all ready to go, I just need to press the “post” button.  What I know is missing, though, are those little stories - the funny things the boys will say or the silly moments we share together.  Like Drew’s one and only imaginary friend or the moment he got his first kiss.  While the big events are fun to write about — for family to share in birthdays or holiday concerts or the new traditions we’re establishing here in our still relatively new town — the every day experiences or funny conversations are the things I want to record for the future.
As our family’s memory keeper, and a scrapbooking enthusiast, I love to document our family’s story.  I love the craft of it, but more than that, I love what it means to preserve our family’s story.  But that also means I have to be practical and I need to figure out how the documenting of our moments will best work in our everyday adventure.  I am still in love with our blog - with writing and sharing - and I hope to get back on the horse very, very soon, and begin telling a more complete story, once again.
Thank you.  Thank you for reading along.  Thank you for sharing this life with us.
We love you! 
{Of note: As I begin to catch up and date and publish older stories, I’ll notify you as to where you can find them.  You know, if you have a copious amount of time on your hands for such nonsense… ;) }
A while ago I did post about Reed’s 5th birthday and party {click HERE} as well as Drew’s first experience playing basketball {click HERE}. 

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