Tuesday, October 21, 2014

11 Months Old

She’s just so beautiful.
At 11 months old, it seems we are beginning to work our way into the next stage of babyhood - not quite a toddler but certainly not an infant anymore.  Ruby makes her way around the house on all fours, pulls to stand, cruises as she hangs on to the couch or the ottoman or the wall, and she has even been caught letting go to stand on her own if for only a few brief seconds.  She leans now - turns herself around to stand with her back to the couch, lets go with her hands, and just chills.
She’s just so cool.
Ruby is vocal.  Her new favorite word is “yah” which sounds a whole heck of a lot like “yeah”.  {Today I even heard a faint “s” sound on the end making it sound a bit like “yes”.  Is that possible?}  She keeps on shrieking and shrilling as she plays and explores and expresses herself.  While she has been saying “dada” a lot - to everyone and everything - she had yet to use “mama” in reference to me.  It typically comes out as a blubbering “mamamamama” when she’s crying.  Earlier this month, she called for me in the morning.  She had woken up and saw me in the kitchen through the crack in her bedroom door.  Clear as day I heard “Mama”.  Sweetest sound ever.
Her personality continues to show.  She is happy and silly and sweet.  She loves the remotes and when she sees one in her reach, she tries to be sneaky about it.  She’ll reach for it, then turn around and look at me with a silly little grin on her face.  Then she’ll giggle.  :)  She stops mid-crawl to lay herself down on the floor, make silly noises, and kick her feet.  She especially loves to lay down on pillows and the rug on the boys’ bedroom floor.  She pulls books off of shelves, papers off tables, and magnets off the refrigerator.
She’s just so spunky.
Her fourth tooth popped through last week, and I also switched out her infant car seat for the next-stage car seat.  The boys grew out of the infant seat around six months!  
She’s just a little peanut.
We are working into another new sleep routine at bedtime.  Previously we were able to give Ruby her last bottle (on the couch in the living room, around 8pm) and she would sit quietly on our laps until she fell asleep.  She wasn’t relaxing like usual for a few nights, so I began taking her into the dark of her room to rock her to sleep.  She took to it right away and now falls asleep almost as soon as we begin rocking.  She’ll usually sleep until sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 in the morning.  Naps are becoming more consistent, too.  Our quiet days at home while Drew and Reed are at school must be the reason why!  Ruby will give me two decent naps - the last couple days she has napped for two hours in the morning and one hour or so in the afternoon.
She’s just so sweet.
Ruby has successfully weened off the afternoon bottle…and all pureed baby foods!  She is down to two 6oz bottles (upon waking in the morning and going to sleep at night) and three meals in her high chair.  She much prefers to feed herself with her hands than to be spoon fed, and she’s veryvocal if you’re taking too long to get her her food.  Girl likes to eat.  As a matter of fact, I can no longer eat in front of her and expect not to share.  In the next couple weeks, we’ll replace that morning bottle with a real breakfast, and then sometime around her first birthday we’ll be bottle-free!
Speaking of her first birthday – I better start planning! 

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