Sunday, October 12, 2014

Currently {Reed}

loving kindergarten
enjoying school every single day
crushing on his teacher (noticing a theme??) :) but
declaring his girlfriends to be Isabel (from kindergarten) and Sera (from preschool)
learning how to read {!!!}
eating cinnamon life for breakfast almost every morning
creating his own sticker book, with scratch paper and our big yellow box full of stickers
entertaining his baby sister in a variety of ways
sleeping like a rock
maturing in his speech & language (he’s really growing up in how he talks, what he talks about, the sentences he forms, etc - I just want him to talk so I can hear what he has to say)
finding it difficult to control his emotions when he’s upset
establishing a Cars/dinosaur/VeggieTales/Lego Mixels colony in the basement
circling everything in every catalog we receive in the mail that’s even remotely related to Christmas
singing in his bedroom, in the bathroom, everywhere, usually without an audience
playing soccer
growing up so stinkin’ fast

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