Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week in the Life {Wednesday}

The story of Wednesday begins a lot - a lot - earlier than I had thought.
It began about 11:00 the night before, when just as I had fallen into a nice slumber, Ruby’s tears wake me up.  And keep me up until 1:30 Wednesday morning.  This was new for her - very unsettled and uncomfortable but quiet so long as I was in her room with her.  We rocked, we walked the floor, I eventually laid her back in bed to try to do it on her own, and she was just all over the place.  Eventually, I took us into the living room to try to snuggle on the couch, to no avail.  I finally grabbed a bottle for her, and after about three ounces, she was out.  That put me back into bed about 1:30, where I promptly reset my alarm to 6:30.  Bummed to be missing my treadmill time, but realistic in my need to get as much sleep as possible, even if it’s only five hours.
At least it was a quiet five hours.
The story continues at 6:30.  When I hit the snooze.  Twice. 
The story of today, and almost every other morning, includes books and his favorite friends.
The story of their mornings includes a bottle for breakfast and ESPN on the television.
As they wait for time to pass, they play.  Wherever.
At least someone is sleeping in.
The story of today includes my favorite warm beverage - caramel cappuccino.  Please and thank you.
And breakfast for them.
The story of this school day means barreling into the far back seat and chatting all the way there (just over a mile) 
and arriving with such excitement they run to the door.  Or, what I later found out — it’s a race. ;)
The story of today involves fighting sleep {when Ruby is obviously sleepy but for some reason isn’t ready to cuddle and rock to sleep, I’ll put her back on the floor to “play” until she comes back to me, then we try again}
but finally succumbing.
Then, more, please.  Because five.hours. 
The story of today includes planning and lists and looking ahead and remembering that Brad will be gone the latter part of next week.  Ugh.
The story of today includes a little sweet indulgence.  Because five.hours.  And Brad will be gone next week
The story of today includes menial tasks that are kind of a drag.
And finding that my most used casserole dish has bit the dust.  Bummer.
The story of today involves pumpkins.  Keep reading!
The story of today includes purple polka dot pajamas
and naked selfies
and welcoming Dad home for lunch
while she squeals with delight at the sight of him while she takes a mid-day bath.
The story of today includes quick and easy and really rather tasty.
The story of today includes love from Dad
and THIS.
The story still includes fighting sleep (there seems to be a theme here)
until finally taking care of it all on her own.
The story of today saw the return of video games (yay!).
The story of today included joining him at work
alongside our church family, to celebrate our families and our community and fall and Halloween and to enjoy and to laugh and to have a really great time. 
The story includes cleaning out the guts (it’s always my job, because I’m the only one that can handle the gross, apparently?)
and giving it a shot on their own this time.
The story of today ends with the boys snug as a bug, Ruby {fingers crossed!} asleep, and me crawling into bed at 9:30 while Brad settles in to watch game 7 of the World Series.
Thoughts about Wednesday…
Brad usually has to leave for work earlier than normal on Wednesday mornings because of a meeting.  So instead of not leaving for work until about 9:30, he needs to leave just shortly after 8, which is about 15 minutes before I need to head out the door with the boys.  So while he is home long enough to perform his normal duties (feed Ruby and keep her occupied while I take care of myself and the boys), it can be a little chaotic as there is at least one, if not sometimes two, extra people to get ready for the day (although today Ruby went to school in her PJs).  There is usually a lot of reminding and repeating and a “come on, we have to get moving.”  Even so, there is a real sense of working together, and on mornings like this, after we’re all settled in the van, we give out a shout  - “Way to go, Team Vander Waal!”
I should’ve just taken a nap.  Seriously.
Wednesday’s favorite moment…
We are a long way from our families.  We don’t have them here to rely on, call in an emergency, ask for a favor, crash at their place for dinner, invite to birthday parties.  The community we’ve found at our church is performing such a service for us - they are friends that are like family to us, when our family is so far away.  We spend Wednesday nights together for six months out of the year.  We share a meal, gather in classrooms, teach, learn, grow alongside each other in our love for Christ and for each other.  Being together, playing hard and laughing and celebrating our little community, was good.  Really, really good.

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