Monday, November 24, 2014

12 Months Old

Ruby and I headed in to the pediatrician’s office this morning for her one-year well-baby check.  And we had a wee bit of fun while we waited…
She weighs in at 19 pounds, 10 ounces, and measures 29 inches long, both in the 50th percentile, where she’s been nestled quite comfortably for the last several months.  Her head, however, is near off the charts, still measuring in the 98th.  Big brains, this one.  Big brains.
She checked out well, and is all up-to-date with her vaccinations.  Yay!
At 12 months, this little lady is *this close* to walking on her own.  I finally unearthed the push toy from the basement (not sure why it took me so long — likely because I forgot all about it) and she zooms behind that thing like nobody’s business.  I have recorded that she has taken her first steps, just two or three, but I have no doubt that it won’t be much longer before she’s taking many, many more.  
We’ve widdled down the bottles to just one at bedtime.  We still have half of a container of formula left, so we’ll finish that up in the next couple weeks before we call it quits for good.  She has adjusted really well to having a “real” breakfast in the morning.  Brad is the one that is up with her on school days, so they’ve taken to grabbing Cheerios and a sippy cup and making themselves comfortable on the living room floor as they eat and watch ESPN.  By the time I’m home from dropping off the boys, she’s ready for “second breakfast” in her highchair - something a bit more substantial and sustaining than Cheerios!
Sleep is status quo…although we need to work on getting Ruby to fall asleep on her own.  I remember very distinctly how we sleep trained the boys (oh, the crying!) and I’m certain it’s been a combination of Ruby being Ruby and Ruby being our last baby that has made me not so anxious to let go of the let-her-fall-asleep-in-my-arms phase.  I’m a little nervous about how bedtime will go without that bottle to woo her to sleep.  We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, I guess.
She remains spunky and silly and animated and fun.  She loves to dance and “sing” and make all sorts of lovely noises.  She’s absolutely perfect.  And she’s ONE!

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