Friday, November 21, 2014


I can’t help but say it: where has the time gone?!?!  I have soaked up every single second with this little wonder.  I have taken nothing for granted and haven’t wished the time away.  I’ve lived in the moment and haven’t mourned time as it passed but have embraced each new stage as it happened upon us.
But this.  
Wasn’t this just yesterday?!?
In the dailyness of life, sometimes I would forget exactly how far a little baby comes in her first year of life.  Just think of all she has done!  How we’ve gone from the newborn days to darn near walking in 12 months surprises me every time!  And although my heart is just the *tiniest* bit sad to say goodbye, for good, to the baby years, my heart is overjoyed for the year ahead, as we watch this girl
take on year #2.
Oh, the adventures that await you, little Ruby.
Happy First Birthday, Sweet Angel!

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