Friday, November 7, 2014

That Time I Inadvertently Taught the Boys the Word "Fart"

But first….
The other night  as we’re just finishing up our dinner, Reed says to me “Mom, guess what I’m drawing.”
He holds his hand up in the air and motions some kind of “drawing” with his finger.  To me, it looks like a circle with a line through it.
Me: “Ummm, a number 8?”
Reed (with a goofy grin on his face): “Nope.”  He “draws” it again.
Me: “A racetrack?”
Reed: “Nope!”  (starts to giggle)
Me: “A ‘Do Not Enter’ sign?  I give up.  What is it?”
Reed: “It’s a butt!”
“And the line down the middle - that’s the crack!”
And any and all effort I had previously made to make sure my boys were raised to be not rude or crude or have such boy-ish charms immediately flew out the window as I sat there howling with laughter.
{I later asked him to draw it on a piece of paper.  He included hearts in the corners because he loves it.  Aaaannnddd that’s a picture of my butt.  He loves my butt.  Awwwwwwwesooooommme.}
All of this reminds of that time I inadvertently introduced the boys to the word “fart.”  
This was many, many months ago (maybe last summer), and as I walked into the boys’ room to begin getting them ready for the day, there was a certain aroma wafting through the air.
I exclaimed, “Good golly, who farted?!”
To which the boys immediately started laughing.
And then Drew asked “What's fart?”
They didn’t even know what the word meant and they found it hilarious.
Seriously, is there some kind of boy DNA for this sort of thing?!?!

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