Thursday, November 6, 2014

Week in the Life {Friday}

The story of today is all about children’s excitement and costumes and parties and classmates and candy and Halloween.
And a little bit of last minute party prep.
I was able to be in the boys’ classrooms throughout the afternoon for their class parties, and had volunteered to bring a craft and cupcakes to Drew’s class.
I had yet to put an example together of the craft so when Ruby took her morning nap, I set up shop at the kitchen table to do so…
as well as put the finishing touches on the cupcakes.
We played a little game of “Who’s that baby?” where I put my camera phone on “selfie” mode and let Ruby see herself.
Brad came home for lunch, as usual, and was able to stay home for the afternoon so that I could go to school.
First to Reed’s classroom
then the school parade of costumes.
Blurry, but if you look closely, you can see Drew waving at Reed as he parades by.  *love*
Then to Drew’s classroom.
The story of today also includes snow and rain and 30 degrees and 30-45mph wind gusts.
At 6:00, the boys and I met up with a good friend of Drew’s and his parents (who live just down the street) to walk together as we trick-or-treated throughout our neighborhood.  
The story of today includes finding the house that gives out full-sized candy bars and the house that gives out adult treats, as well.
We lasted just over an hour.  
Because today’s story also includes frozen fingers and toes.  Mine. 
Brad then took the boys to a trunk-or-treat at our neighbor’s church.
The story of today includes 90+ pieces of candy.  Each.
And a bottle for bed.
Thoughts on Friday…
The routines that we have work really, really well.  We know what has to happen and when it has to happen and when everyone cooperates and does their job, things come together well.  Even though mornings can often be rough (in terms of listening and cooperating) our routine always brings us back to helping us make it all happen.  Same goes for our after school routine.  Routine, although predictable and helpful, can sometimes get boring.  Thankful for days like today when the regular school day routine is thrown out the window for something super fun and exciting.
So very glad, once again, to be able to be in school with the boys this afternoon.  It was a coincidence that the boys’ classroom parties happened to be staggered so that I could be with both of them for part of the afternoon.  Love seeing them in their environment, with their friends, doing their thing.  
We had miserable weather today, which was not conducive to getting the costume photos I wanted to take.  Looks like Sunday’s forecast will be great for a little photo shoot.
Friday’s favorite moment… 
Reliving a bit of my own childhood excitement as I watched my boys express their excitement for the holiday.  This having kids thing?  Super challenging.  But also super, super cool.

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