Friday, November 7, 2014

Week in the Life {the weekend}

As the week progresses, I find that I take less and less photos.  The same happened last year.  Truthfully, I just forget.  Perhaps our routine is so routine, or the fact that I’ve just fallen out of the picture-taking practice - most likely, a combination of the two.  I just don’t think about it a whole lot, and as the week nears to a close, it isn’t as fresh on my mind as it was at the beginning of the week.
So, there aren’t as many photos to share, but I suppose the story is as much in the pictures that I didn’t take, as in the pictures that I did.
This was our first Saturday in the last nine that we haven’t had soccer.  Both boys played fall soccer this year, and for eight weeks we’ve spent our Saturdays at the soccer complex.  While I soaked up those soccer moments while they were here (blog post titled “Soccer Mom” is in the works!) I am certainly ready to restore our Saturdays to ones of ease and relaxation.  Welp, we’ll try that for next Saturday as this weekend was anything but relaxed!
The story of Saturday is all about birthday parties.
Drew was invited to three parties, two of which Reed was invited to as well.  It wasn’t feasible to attend all three, primarily due to the party times but also because of my sanity, so we had to decline the invitation to a party for one of Drew’s classmates, but we did make it to the other two.
But before all of that, the story of Saturday includes Halloween hangover.
The boys worked their “can I have a piece of candy?” charm throughout the day, but handled our “not right now” response very well.  When we reminded them they’d be having two-times the birthday cake, they seemed okay with our negative reply.  Before and after breakfast they worked together on some of the crafts Reed brought home from his class party the day before.  And you can see just that corner there of our kitchen table, completely covered in stuff.  That would be a very fair representation of the rest of our house.  I ignored a lot of house work this week and it all just kinda exploded on us over the weekend.
The story of Saturday includes a lot of playing together and getting along (whew!) and discovering that you’re never too old for Little People.
The story of Saturday includes running to Target (is this the second or third time this week?) to pick up gifts for the birthday parties.  Both boys went with me and Ruby stayed home with Brad.  I anticipated it being a very “easy” trip to the store without Ruby - she can get a little impatient and finicky if she isn’t in the right mood.  But with the boys, they can walk and handle themselves and we were on a mission and in and out and lets do this.  Yeah, I kinda forgot how “handsy” they are, needing to *touch* everything and soooooo many times I heard “I want… I want… I want…”  I think I’ll go by myself next time.
The story of Saturday includes THIS.
You smiled, didn’t ya?
After lunch the boys asked if they could watch a movie.  Sure thing!  They easily agreed what they’d like to watch (The Lego Movie) and snuggled up on the couch together.
Not two seconds later, Reed asked if I could bring them some goldfish and a drink.  Stinker.  How awesome is that picture?!?!
The first of the two parties started at 3:00 and was being held at one of our bowling alleys.  
The party was for Drew’s classmate, but Reed had been invited too.  The birthday boy’s mom had told me that her son wanted to invite Reed because he was his friend, too.  {I have had some worries about Reed growing up in the shadow of his older brother, but then there are moments like these where he is so well taken care of by Drew’s friends that my heart just bursts with gratitude.} 
The story of Saturday is about brothers.  And friends.  And brothers being friends.
What I didn’t capture with the camera today was the second party (which was for two boys from church), the mounds of laundry I worked on because I didn’t do any all week (is it possible I will be doing laundry every day for the rest of my life???), and the major house pick-up that was required before that afternoon movie could be watched.
Saturday ended with Daddy/daughter selfies…
and photobombing.
Sundays are pretty predictable around here.  Usually Brad is up and out the door to church about an hour and 15 minutes before the kids and I need to be, but because the class he had been teaching finished, he’ll have a few weeks now where he won’t need to leave until about a half hour before we need to.  
You wouldn’t believe the difference it made this morning.
The story of our Sunday morning included playing in the boys’ room… 
…all three of them.
Church begins at 10:00.  I round up the kids and we’re out the door by 10 til (church is less than two miles away so it doesn’t take long to get there), but we were even earlier this week (SuperMom moment).  I wish I could take photos of our family as we worship together, especially Reed and me.  For many many months (since before I was pregnant with Ruby) he has wanted me to hold him while we sing.  So, the music starts, he puts up his arms for me to lift him, and we sing together.  We have “our song” (10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman) which he belts at the top of his lungs, but there are only portions of other songs he’ll sing out loud.  This morning, somehow, and I’m not sure how, he knew all the words to That’s Why We Praise Him and he just sang and sang and sang as he cuddled into my shoulder.  That sweet kid.  He’s getting to be too heavy for me to hold him the entire time, but man do I wish I could hold him like that, singing, forever.
There is an open invitation to every one in the church to gather together at the mall food court for lunch after the service is over.  Every week it is a different conglomeration of folks who eat and chat and then those with littles head over to the play area for a bit.
The was the first Sunday in quite a while we’ve joined in, and a nice size group gathered.  It’s always a good time.
The weather on Sunday cooperated (thankfully) and shortly after getting home from the mall, the kiddos willingly donned their costumes so we could fake a Halloween night photo shoot. 
They cooperated really well, and I was able to get several photos worthy of the blog and scrapbooks (post coming soon!)
I didn’t capture on camera our usual Sunday Skype date with Grammy and Papa.  And we also Skype’d with Grandma and Grandpa.  Nor did I capture any photos of our small group, which gathers for discussion and supper on Sunday evenings. 
Thoughts on Week in the Life…
This is a fun project to work on, and, for me, so worth the time it takes to think about, photograph, and blog.  Comparing this year with last year is fun, too, and I can’t help but wonder what things will begin to look like when it comes time to take on this project again.
In comparing this year with last, the most obvious difference is the addition of Ruby.  And the loss of Luci.
Overall, I didn’t capture as many of the nitty gritty details as I would’ve liked - the state of the floor after Ruby’s been playing, the boys setting the table, Brad’s office at church, the pile of books Drew totes back and forth between his bedroom and living room, folding laundry, happy mail, etc etc etc.  These things are likely perceived as boring (by you and me!) but as I was looking back at last year, the boring photos tell a good part of the story, as well - immediately triggering in me a specific story and the reason as to why I took the picture in the first place.  I’d like to find a way to capture more of life outside of just my perspective, too…somehow get the kids involved in documenting from their viewpoint.  I’ll need to do a little brainstorming to figure that out. 
This is good stuff, people.  Thanks for following along.

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