Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More Updates & a Clean Slate

I’m making progress on my massive catch-up blog-post list.  Slowly but surely, I’ll get there.  I hope.  With the hustle of the holidays over, I’m feeling a bit more settled and working to find a routine again (again, meaning, like I had 2-3 years ago) but while I’m super antsy to get some of my in-progress projects completed (including this here blog), there are so many in-progress projects that I have moments of feeling overwhelmed, and then I just kinda shut down.  So that’s productive.  (With this also comes some clarity on what matters and what doesn’t and what I want to keep working on and what I just need to let go.  This blog - at the top of the what I want to keep working on list.)
With that in mind…and the idea that I sometimes need to start over to make something work again… I’ve moved the blog to a new site.  Again.  I apologize for doing this to you all again (which, by the way, huge thanks for sticking around all these years!) but for various reasons, Tumblr just isn’t working well for me.  So with the influence of and help from my IT guy (thanks, Justin!) I’ve purchased my own domain, so no matter how many different blog hosts I decide to switch to, no matter what, you can always find us here:
Easy peasy.
With that clean slate, I have huge and ambitious plans to stay up to date.  When there is something to write, I plan to sit and write.  While I catch up here, I’ll stay caught up there.  (That sounds like a great resolution, no?)  I’ll redirect as necessary so you won’t miss anything, but for now, please change your readers or bookmark tab or however else you find us, to our new domain above.
On that note, I have completed a few old posts here, and there are a couple new posts up on the new site.  Happy reading!
Here you’ll find (click each link to be redirected):
Losing Luci (I began this post three or four weeks after Luci died, and found myself working on it sporadically over the next six or seven months.  It was tough trying to focus on the story and wanting to remember and capture some of the details.  If you typically ride an emotional roller coaster or are a dog-lover, have some tissues handy.)
Daddy’s Little Girl (a little love story)
Dear Reed (before he goes to Kindergarten)
And on the new site, you’ll find a story that’ll make you smile and one that’ll make you bust a gut.

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