Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ruby at 13 Months

What they say is true - documenting and remembering and record-keeping for second, third and subsequent children just gets less and less.  Certainly not for lack of desire, but rather because this old brain and body of mine goes in a million different directions with three kiddos to keep track of!  When it was just Drew, he was all I had to think about.  Tack on Reed, and now Ruby…well, it’s lucky I’ve been recording her monthly progress here because I have made zero entires in her baby book!
Obviously, as a memory keeper, this is distressing to me.  I wish my memory was as sharp as it used to be so that at least as time passes, I could write things down later.  Well that’s a joke.  I retain nothing these days.  It’s rough to keep track of it all, especially all the when-she-did-what but seeing as I’m trying to keep somewhat decent details of the boys’ days too… you can imagine.
So I have an idea.  Well, it’s not my idea, but an idea I saw on one of my favorite I-read-it-everyday blogs (again, I shall praise the wonder of internets!).  After seeing the idea on yet a different blog,Elise is documenting her daughter’s second year of life by sharing and comparing some of her daughter’s and her own favorites each month.  So fun.  So I’m hopping on that bandwagon and decided to document Ruby’s favorites for the next several months.  By using prompts similar to what I’ve used for the boys’ Currently posts, I’ll have a running record of what Ruby is reading, watching, learning, eating, making, etc from month to month.  I’ll likely tag on a bit of commentary (because I’m long-winded like that) regarding certain milestones or mannerisms, but I found this to be a fun and unique way to remember Ruby’s second year. 
So this is Ruby, at 13 months old.
Reading The Hungry Caterpillar
Eating Cheerios
Playing “Let’s have a picnic!”
Wearing size 2 shoes
Listening toTaylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”
In addition: Weening off the bottle and formula was no problem for this little one!  This was an easy transition for all of my kids…let’s hope she gives up the pacifier this easy, too!  The first night we went bottle-free, I gave her a snack just before bed, hoping to satisfy her like her bottle did so there wouldn’t be any midnight hunger pangs.  She slept great.  The next night I did the same.  By the third night, it kind of went by the wayside and it didn’t make a lick of difference.  From about 7:30/8:00pm until somewhere between 6:30 and 7:30am, this girl sleeps, bedtime snack or not.  Double thumbs up, my people.
Also: this girl is w.a.l.k.i.n.g.  She continued to test the waters, taking 2-5 steps at a time before stumbling or grabbing onto something to steady herself.  Then, for about two weeks, she’d walk on her knees (somehow that was comfortable) until about a week or so ago, when she started walking with such confidence and she hasn’t stopped!  I find myself just as surprised and excited with Ruby’s milestones as I did with Drew’s and then Reed’s.  This motherhood gig doesn’t get old.

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