Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Currently {Drew, the birthday edition}

looking forward to his birthday party this weekend after

inviting darn near every boy in his class (Drew has a real concern for not wanting any of his buddies to be left out...tough call as a parent as neither our house, nor my patience, can handle that many kids.  However, we took Drew's lead on this one and decided to go with it.  We'll see how it all pans out on Saturday afternoon!)

continuing to express his dislike for Spanish class

doing math and reading homework every night

swapping between Minecraft and Disney Infinity, his two newest video games, during game time

asking to eat all the time but

wanting only junk (Not sure what's going on with this - the kid says his hungry but wants nothing that will fill him up or give him energy/nutrition.  Packing his lunch every day has become quite the challenge!)

requesting playdates with his friends who play the Pokemon trading card game

sleeping on the top bunk (We bunked the boys' beds a couple months ago and we all love the new set up and the extra space it provides in their room.)

participating in a leadership collective at school

dreaming about owning all the Legos in all the world

wearing jeans that are becoming slightly too short with shirt sleeves that are also becoming too short (he just.keeps.growing!)

anticipating the beginning of basketball in a couple more weeks

watching Transformers Rescue Bots and new episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate books

talking a blue streak - he has so many words!


We saved the cake for tonight, considering the cupcakes and ice cream we had yesterday.  Per Drew's request, I made him a lemon cake, a la how my mom used to make them (lemon cake mix poked with holes with a lemon juice + powdered sugar mixture glazed on top).  After singing, making a wish, and blowing out his candles, Drew asked if he could have one of the leftover cupcakes from school.

Stake to the heart.  Oh well.  More for me!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Eight is Great

I'm learning how to embrace the years.  The changes and the growing and this whole getting older business.  I want to say I'm way cool with it, and really, for the most part I am.  Mostly out of surrender - time passes and there's nothing I can do about it!  But also because I am so stinkin' excited to see what each passing year will bring to each of my kids.

But I'm not gonna lie...saying good-bye to seven-year-old Drew last night and hello to eight-year-old Drew this morning was a little rough.  There was certainly a little twinge of sadness in my heart.  But that was quickly followed by an overwhelming sense of gratitude...how grateful am I to be able to call Drew mine!  What a privilege to see this child grow and to be a witness to his each and every day.  I am one proud Mama.

So, today we celebrated EIGHT!

Open gifts {check!}  (He asked for and received Disney Infinity characters, a Pokemon card collector binder, additional Bungees for his game, and Minecraft Legos.)

Cupcakes to share at school {check!}

Earlier than normal video game time {check!} (to accommodate the evening plans)

Dinner at Culvers {check!}  (Cheeseburgers, fries and custard, all around please!}

Pick out Legos at the store {check!}  (We let Drew pick which set he wanted instead of picking one out for him ... which is really just a clever way of saying that mom and dad didn't get the shopping done on time!)

Stay up a *bit* later than normal to assemble said Legos {check!}

This year is gonna be great!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ruby at 14 Months

{Before you read this most, you must click over HERE, to read about Ruby at 13 months old, and so that what you'll read below makes some sense.  Then click back over here and continue on your merry way. :) }

Here's a look at what Ruby is liking, loving, and doing at 14 months old.

Reading Snuggle Puppy

Eating Gerber's Broccoli & Cheese Lil' Twists

Playing with Mama's phone

Wearing lots & lots of hair barrettes

Sleeping with paci & pinky

Working on brushing her teeth

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sliding into the New Year

What better way to ring in the New Year... er, the 17th day of the New Year... than with a warmish, cloudy Saturday afternoon spent on a sledding hill???

The other day, Drew exclaimed, "Hey, we haven't gone sledding yet this winter!!" to which I answered, "It just started snowing!"  With a November that saw minimal snow and a completely no-snow December, um, yeah, we haven't been sledding yet this winter.  We got our first decent snowfall the day after we returned from our Christmas travels, and enough snowfalls in the last couple weeks, that the hills are ready for some action.  With temps in the mid 30s today, we promised the boys we'd head out and hit the hill.

There is a park not far from home that has a decent sized slope - steep enough to gather some speed but not too steep or long for the boys (or us!) to complain or have trouble with the climb back up to the top.  {Hey Papa, Drew did tell us on our way back home that it was fun, but that your hill is better. :)}  And it's either not well known or not preferred by the neighbors...when we were there a couple years ago, we had the hill to ourselves, and the same was true today.  Sweet.

I picked up this little toddler sleigh at a garage sale last summer, for $3.  She loved this thing!  Sitting comfortably while she watched the boys, and giggling her sweet little giggle when we took her for walks around the park.  Best three bucks ever spent.

The weather was great, everyone was in a good mood (mostly - this was our fourth and final attempt at getting a family shot and Ruby was done with it already), there was some healthy competition as well as some piggy-backing down the hill, and whole lot of laughter.  

Fun + family.

It was great.

{Don't think that Ruby didn't get her chance down the hill, too.  She propped up on Mommy & Daddy's laps for her own runs down the slope, which she very much enjoyed!}

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

He's a Boob Man

Yep.  That's exactly what I mean.

My Reed.  He kills me.

The word/name "Bob" was illustrated on the cover of one of Reed's reader books from school, and as he very casually walks by, Reed explains, "that says boob."

I said, "Boob?  What's a boob?"

To which he replied in his very goofy, yet nonchalant, yet smirky kind of way, "I don't know!"


Then, not two minutes later, I hear him chanting "Ruby's going to the beach.  Ruby's going to the beach." over and over again as they play together on the kitchen floor.  When I finally stop what I'm doing to really catch what he's saying, wondering what in the world is he talking about, I look over and see him holding two bowls up to Ruby's chest like coconut shells.


I better figure out what this kid is doing in his spare time.