Wednesday, January 14, 2015

He's a Boob Man

Yep.  That's exactly what I mean.

My Reed.  He kills me.

The word/name "Bob" was illustrated on the cover of one of Reed's reader books from school, and as he very casually walks by, Reed explains, "that says boob."

I said, "Boob?  What's a boob?"

To which he replied in his very goofy, yet nonchalant, yet smirky kind of way, "I don't know!"


Then, not two minutes later, I hear him chanting "Ruby's going to the beach.  Ruby's going to the beach." over and over again as they play together on the kitchen floor.  When I finally stop what I'm doing to really catch what he's saying, wondering what in the world is he talking about, I look over and see him holding two bowls up to Ruby's chest like coconut shells.


I better figure out what this kid is doing in his spare time.


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