Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sliding into the New Year

What better way to ring in the New Year... er, the 17th day of the New Year... than with a warmish, cloudy Saturday afternoon spent on a sledding hill???

The other day, Drew exclaimed, "Hey, we haven't gone sledding yet this winter!!" to which I answered, "It just started snowing!"  With a November that saw minimal snow and a completely no-snow December, um, yeah, we haven't been sledding yet this winter.  We got our first decent snowfall the day after we returned from our Christmas travels, and enough snowfalls in the last couple weeks, that the hills are ready for some action.  With temps in the mid 30s today, we promised the boys we'd head out and hit the hill.

There is a park not far from home that has a decent sized slope - steep enough to gather some speed but not too steep or long for the boys (or us!) to complain or have trouble with the climb back up to the top.  {Hey Papa, Drew did tell us on our way back home that it was fun, but that your hill is better. :)}  And it's either not well known or not preferred by the neighbors...when we were there a couple years ago, we had the hill to ourselves, and the same was true today.  Sweet.

I picked up this little toddler sleigh at a garage sale last summer, for $3.  She loved this thing!  Sitting comfortably while she watched the boys, and giggling her sweet little giggle when we took her for walks around the park.  Best three bucks ever spent.

The weather was great, everyone was in a good mood (mostly - this was our fourth and final attempt at getting a family shot and Ruby was done with it already), there was some healthy competition as well as some piggy-backing down the hill, and whole lot of laughter.  

Fun + family.

It was great.

{Don't think that Ruby didn't get her chance down the hill, too.  She propped up on Mommy & Daddy's laps for her own runs down the slope, which she very much enjoyed!}

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