Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ruby at 15 Months

Here's a peek into what Ruby is liking, loving and doing at 15 months.

Reading I Love You, Stinky Face

Eating blueberries

Playing with all the books (she'll clear her bookshelves, the boys' bookshelves, bring books to us to read, sit and shuffle through books, stack books...she loves 'em, especially these small ones she can fit nicely in her hands)

Watching Sesame Street, for short spurts (she seems to love Murray the most)

Wearing leggings

Working on animal sounds (so far she can "quack" and she puckers her lips for "moo" but no actual sound comes out)

A few other tidbits...
  • Ruby loves baths.  Loves loves them.  When Reed is taking his bath, she tries to climb in, too.  She does not, however, like getting her pjs on after her bath.  There's something about that routine that she doesn't find enjoyable.
  • She is a great eater but she's starting to become a little picky, especially with her vegetables.  She'll pick them up one by one and chuck them onto the floor.
  • Ruby sleeps great at night but it seems she's starting to transition from two daytime naps down to one.  Right now, she is inconsistent and often times she'll opt for a morning nap and forego the afternoon nap.  It doesn't make the late afternoon/early evening all that fun.
  • We're still waiting on more teeth.  It seems like I've been saying "they'll be in any day now!" for forever, but still nothing.  She's had a few rough patches during the night this past week so maybe, just maybe one is on its way out?
  • She is understanding more and more.  She can follow simple instructions and identify certain objects.  She says "Mamamama" and "Da" (Dad) and "yah" (yes) and "hi" and her quack sounds like "ack".  She can sign "more" and she gives a little I-don't-know shrug sometimes when she's all done eating.
  • We're working on identifying body parts.  I'm fairly certain she's got "tummy" down.
  • She's been able to climb up the stairs since December, but just this month successfully climbed down.
  • When she sits down on a lap or in her highchair, her ankles automatically cross.  Cutest little thing.
  • Previously she would lean in with a big open mouth when we would ask for a kiss.  She's learned how to pucker, and boy is it irresistible.
  • I finally worked her hair into pigtails!  Ack!  
  • At the right time of day, Ruby is a little busy body.  She just wanders from here to there, exploring and observing and finding and returning again.  Every step she takes is another step towards full-blown toddlerhood.

*UPDATE*  {2/27/15}

Ruby and I stopped into the pediatrician's office yesterday afternoon for her 15-month check-up.  She is 31 inches long and weighs 22 pounds 12 ounces (both in the 50-75th percentile).  Her head is still in the 98th.  Of course.  :)  She's looking and feeling great!

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