Friday, March 13, 2015

Currently {Reed, the Birthday Edition}

eating three breakfasts (a bowl of dry Cheerios with Ruby, eaten together on the living room floor; a "regular" breakfast (currently it's mini pancakes and a waffle) with Drew at the kitchen table; bagged breakfast at school with his classmates)

drinking chocolate milk

wearing a size 13 shoe and size 5/6 tops and bottoms

asking every morning if he still has to wear a coat/hat/mittens to school (sorry Buddy, it's still cold outside)

using his imagination as he always has - creating art, telling stories, playing with toys, and choosing his clothes!

reading at level 12 (level 4 is the benchmark for the end of the school year), and

wowing us every time he opens a book to read (he loves it and does it so, so well!)

completing his kindergarten animal research project on elephants

looking forward to 1st grade (already!)

choosing the xBox (Minecraft) more frequently as his video gaming option

brushing his teeth without complaint now that we use the Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B app

caring for his baby sister in a million wonderful ways (he was born to have a baby sister!) and

helping me out in a million wonderful ways with little favors here and there (especially if it has at all to do with his baby sister!)

continuing to love to help in the kitchen

leaving me little love notes, taped to the computer monitor on my desk

melting my heart with those deep blue eyes and his "I love you Mom, so much"

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