Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ruby at 19 Months

At 19 months, Ruby is busy busy busy!

 Reading We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Eating raisins

Playing with the princesses

Wearing striped and polka-dotted pajamas

Loving her new cozy coupe!

Falling asleep on her own - without a peep! - with help from paci, pinky, and her music box.

Ruby seems to have fallen quite nicely into her new bedtime routine.  She now successfully falls asleep on her own, without tears, every single night.  Another "we have arrived!" moment, for sure.  Both boys gave up the pacifier at 18 months, but I think we'll need to keep Ruby's for a bit longer, considering she just reached this sleeping milestone.  No matter.  I'm in no hurry to push her along. ;)  My favorite part of bedtime?  When we say our prayers.  Her chubby little hands fold over each other and my heart melts into a puddle onto the floor.

This month was marked by leaps in the communication department.  Ruby has always been very verbal (lots of babbling and noise making and "telling" tall tales) but now it seems she's really adding to her word list and slowly she's starting to be able to communicate her needs with words (as opposed to just pointing).  My favorite new word?  "Doo".  That'd be "Drew."  She said "Eed" ("Reed") once, too, but has now defaulted to calling him "Doo" too.  That "r" sound is hard to make!  Another favorite: "cook-ee" for both the pastry and the muppet.  ;)  Along with a larger vocabulary, she has even strung her first two words together.  We dog-sat for two weeks at the beginning of June, so "Hi Coco Hi Coco Hi Coco!" became Ruby's daily chant.  She has been nodding "no" for a while now but just recently began nodding "yes" - quite emphatically, I might add!    

Her personality is awesome - she shows more spunk every day!  She's feisty and stubborn and opinionated.  She's a girl!  The best is when she'll give you this confused, furrowed brow look, tilting her head to the side, but when you look into her eyes, you can still see that sparkle.  She is a ham...and she knows it!

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