Saturday, June 20, 2015

She Needs a Dog

Since we lost Luci last spring, we've had occasion to dog-sit our neighbor's dog, Coco.  One of the things we've been sad about, about not having a dog right now, is the chance for Ruby to grow up with a pet.  Certainly the boys have a lot of growing up left to do, but there was something special about how Luci was here when they were so little, like Ruby.  After Luci died, we made sure our neighbor's knew that, if needed, we'd love to spend some time with their pooch.  Kinda like grandkids - bring 'em home, enjoy 'em, then send 'em back!

If we had any fear about Ruby being around a dog - there isn't any trepidation any longer!  Having Coco here for a day or two has just proven, to all of us, that we are a dog family.  And more so, that she is a dog-lovin' girl!  A little hesitation at first, but then, she was all in - laying beside Coco, talking to Coco, giving Coco's food a try (oops!), petting Coco, saying her first two-word phrase "Hi Coco."  As a matter of fact, "dogs" are no longer "dogs."  Each and every one is now referred to as a  "Coco".    

We just sent Coco back home after having him here with us for the past 18 days - his family was on summer vacation.  And at some point during the past two plus weeks, after the kids had gone to bed and the house was quiet, Brad called me over to him and his computer.  He was on various dog-finder sites, looking at a potential dog for our family.  What?!?!  

So goes the heart of a Daddy when his little girl loves herself a dog!

To which I said to him, "You'd better be serious.  Do not go down this road if you aren't."

And I think he is.  I have a hunch I'm gonna have to eat my "we'll wait a few years before we get another dog" words.


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