Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Last Day of School

It's the last day of school...

...and we're just a little bit excited!

What a difference a year makes.

It has been a big, big year.  It's always a big year - so much learning and growth and new experiences and friendships and independence and wow.  But this year it was all of that --- times two!

Mrs. Sauve & Reed

We were so fortunate, once again, to have the best kindergarten teacher.  I was heartbroken when Drew's kindergarten year ended and I learned that his teacher, Mrs. Faust, would be moving to a different school in the fall.  She is a phenomenal teacher and I so badly wanted Reed to have her, too.  So coming into this year, I was nervous because I wasn't sure what to expect.  And what I learned is that while I'm sure Reed would've flourished under Mrs. Faust, he was given the exact right teacher he needed.  Mrs. Sauve exceeded my expectations in every way, and was the absolute best match for our Reed.  She taught and led and encouraged and motivated and provided an incredible environment for Reed to excel.  She made school so fun that when Reed missed a day because he was sick, he was so sad to not be there!  She will be a teacher that he remembers forever.  And Reed stood out to her as well, as Mrs. Sauve nominated him, above every other boy in her class, for the school Citizenship Award.  One boy and one girl from each class receives this award in recognition of being a good citizen of their school - a good leader, friend, student; someone who cares for both the school and the people in it.  

  Reed received his award this morning at the school's Awards Assembly.
He was pretty thrilled.
{Of note, Drew received the same award when he was in kindergarten.}

Ms. Slabaugh & Drew

Drew's second grade year was full of ups and downs (typical growing pains, I think) but all in all, it was a year of new discoveries, new challenges, and new friends.  Ms. Slabaugh tuned into his particular strengths and pushed him to go farther with what he knew and with what he could do.  She was also able to tap into some of his emotional setbacks, meet him there, and help him reach up out of the dumps in order to succeed.  She was kind and compassionate and patient and gave Drew what he needed when he needed it.  {Ms. Slabaugh was put into an unfortunate situation at the beginning of the year - she was given the job of 2nd grade teacher just two weeks prior to the first day of school, after having been a family interventionist (school counselor) for the past eight years.  It was an uneasy start for everyone, as she adjusted to being in the classroom again, but with time and flexibility, it all came together and made for a successful second grade year.} 

It's funny, as the years pass, I find that I'm less and less baffled by the speed of it all.  It feels very much like "Yep, this is exactly where we're supposed to be right now!" ... but check back with me in the fall, when I send my 1st and 3rd graders off for their first day of school!

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