Wednesday, July 1, 2015


After I finished my first 5K back in May, I had a sense of accomplishment but also the feeling of "Welp, that's done.  Now what?"  When I began running, I knew I was working towards the goal of running that 5K so when it was over, I needed to set a new goal.  But what would it be?  I wanted to keep running and in order to do so, I had to have something to work towards.

That's how #40milesinjune was born.  And my first hashtag.  Cuz they're fun.

I simply looked at the 30 days in June and had to make the decision on how dedicated I was going to be.  I decided that I could run four days a week - certainly achievable but also just enough on the other side of "whoa that's a lot!" that it would definitely push me to keep going.  I settled on a Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday morning run schedule, and figured I could muster somewhere between two and three miles per run.  Therefore, 40 miles was totally doable (there was even a chance I'd run more than 40 and that was really motivating) but it also allowed a little leeway for an unexpected or needed day off from running.   

What turned out to be key in my success was using Instagram for accountability.  Each time I ran, I snapped a picture of my feet and posted it to the photo sharing app and recorded my distance.  I risked losing a lot of "insta"friends who didn't care to see my worn out sneakers all the time, but what I found instead was an incredible amount of encouragement.  So knowing that when I completed a run I'd be sharing the nitty gritty on Instagram and likely gain positive feedback was also an added initiative.  And it was a fun added challenge to see how creative I could be with my feet!  (Taking pictures of running feet is not an original idea, but it was a fun bandwagon to hop on!)

In the end, I logged 43.28 miles during June.  Goals work.  My #40milesinjune goal pushed me to completion, but also energized me to do more.  So what does that mean for July?  Right now, I'm nervous for this month.  July is hot and heat + me don't mix well.  I'm taking a step back from setting a number as a goal but instead will work towards maintaining this habit (running 4x/week).  Brad will be gone for a week which severely limits my availability, so taking that and the higher temperatures into account, for now, I'm shooting to maintain.

And I promise this won't turn into a running blog.  It's just fun to share now and again.  :)

{Note about Instagram:  Instagram is a photo-sharing social media site.  I only really use it occasionally but I do use it more than I use Facebook for posting photos.  I don't know why; I guess I just like it better.  But that also means your accessibility to view my photos is limited if you don't have the app and/or a smartphone (I'm looking at you, grandparents).  Lucky for you, you can access my Instagram profile online, too!  Just click HERE (bookmark it if you'd like) and you can see all my photos on your ol' computer any time you'd like.  I should've shared that long ago.... so sorry!  Happy picture viewing!}

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