Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The First Day...Finally!

The first day of school could not come soon enough (and it didn't, considering the lateness of Labor Day this calendar year).

Friends,  look.  Things have been rough around here lately.  This summer has brought with it a whole lot of togetherness {good!} and it's brought with it a whole lot of togetherness {not good!}.  These boys of mine continue to rage on with each other - for every moment of awesomeness, (it seems like) there are three times as many button-pushing and anger-producing screaming sibling matches that are making this space a very un-fun place to be.  And gosh, parenting is no joke!  So much of the boys' life experiences right now involve each other, and I know a good amount of growing up with each other involves disagreement and quarrel.  But when do I brush these moments off as regular sibling stuff and when do I need to step in and *attempt to* teach a lesson?  Gah!  I have two very awesome boys - but good Lord above - are they ever different in just the right ways.  Why, oh why, do they feel the need to create problems where there doesn't need to be any problems?!?!

All of that to say - it isn't all sunshine and roses.  At times, it feels like there have been more clouds and rainshowers.  Summer is great, but so is school.  And right now, a regular school routine with time spent apart is just what all of us need right now.      

By now you know that the first day doesn't come without a little pomp and circumstance.  I hung our banner last night and whipped up some double chocolate muffins for breakfast.  Oh yeah.  The teachers will thank me later for that. 

And then the traditional first-day-of-school-taking-of-the-pictures on the front stoop.


Reed had been expressing all of last year his desire to have Miss Cooper, Drew's first grade teacher, as his teacher for this year.  We did make an informal request for that to happen, and when we received our teacher assignments last week, Reed was over-the-moon excited to have been placed in her class.  He walked into the classroom and totally owned the place, with nary a backward glance at Brad and me.  He is confident and excited about this year.  His only problem: he wanted all of his friends from last year to be in his class this year.  Thankfully, we have a very small school so he'll see his other former classmates plenty.

Ah.  My Drew.  Such a stud!  While we knew who his teacher is this year, we had yet to meet her.  So with that came a bit of nervous excitement for all of us.  But after greeting Mrs. Rajewski this morning, and getting settled into his desk, I'm quite certain the nerves that came along with that unknown disappeared.  Drew is ready for this year - ready for routine and learning and reconnecting with his best buddies.  Like the last couple years, he walked into his classroom today with quiet confidence.  How can he be in third grade???


This morning was as easy breezy as I needed it to be - as we all needed it to be!  And once everyone was where they needed to be, I think there was a collective sigh of relief.  Here's to a new year.  Here's to new things.  Here's to both boys getting the individual attention and independence they need from me, and from each other.  Here's to teachers everywhere!

And then there's this little stinker.
When we got back home after drop off,  she volunteered to help "clean" up the breakfast mess.


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