Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ruby at 23 Months

Reading the Bible.  She can readily identify almost all of the children's Bibles in our house as Bibles.  This girl loves Jesus!

Eating cheese.

Wearing hand-me-downs from her favorite Minnesota gal pals.

Listening to "Let it Go".

Crafting with crayons.

Loving her dog.  Maybe a little *too* much - see that panic in his eyes??

This month will forever go down in history as the Month of No Sleep.  Every.single.night Ruby has been waking up, sometime between 12:00 and 2:00 in the morning, and not easily returning back to sleep.  It's been so terrible, and I am so tired.  This is worse than the newborn phase!  I'm not sure what the problem is; what is waking her and keeping her awake.  At first I thought it was her teeth, as three new ones popped through in the span of about 10 days.  But the sleeplessness just continues.  The only thing that seems to consistently work for putting, and keeping, her back to sleep is having her come into bed with us.  So she sleeps, but I don't (our bed isn't big enough for three people!).  So then, I wondered, if somehow when she stirs in the night, if she's like "Hey!  This isn't where I want to be!  Mom and Dad's bed is better!"  Ha!  This isn't a habit we'd like to encourage, so we've tried everything else, it seems, and while something might work one night, she doesn't buy into it the next night.  Everything from sleeping on her floor while she's in her crib, both of us sleeping on her floor, rocking her in the rocking chair (she'll doze off but as soon as I go to move her back into bed...wide awake again), laying on the couch together (which works - she'll fall asleep - but then I can't move her back to her bed which means I can't go back to my bed), and letting her cry it out, praying she doesn't wake the boys up, too.  I didn't have any plans to move her into a big girl bed until after our holiday travels, but goodness, I'm pretty darn close to buying her a twin mattress so that I can crawl into bed with her.  At least then we'd be comfortable and, perhaps, I'd be able to sneak back out once she's asleep and still.  We're going on three weeks of this, and I'm now to the point where I'm more worried about why she's waking up and less about the inability to get her back to sleep.

I'm quite convinced this is going to last forever.

More coffee, please.  

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