Saturday, January 23, 2016

Drew & Me {Our January Date}

Today on the calendar marked Drew's date for the month - he picks what he wants to do and which parent his wants to bring along.  It was also an exciting day for Drew as Mom & Dad have a date for themselves for tonight so good friend Grace is coming over to baby-sit.  Drew is likely way more stoked about getting rid of Mom & Dad than going on a date with one of them. ;P

Nonetheless, he chose the place and the parent.

This kiddo just may love Culver's more than I do, so I have no qualms about jumping on his bandwagon.

And as it was a special occasion, he asked for a "big" ice cream "like Dad's" (the boys are always regulated to get their free single scoop in a dish as it comes with their kids meal).  Medium chocolate concrete mixer with double brownie mix-in's, please.  For the record, he couldn't quite finish it all.

I am already appreciating this time, so much, one on one with the boys.  We don't talk deep or do super out of the ordinary things.  I just think we all need the reminder that they are worth the time.  They are worth the special treat.

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