Sunday, January 10, 2016

Favorite Photos of the Week {#1}

As 2016 approached...and I continued to fall farther and farther behind in all the memory keeping projects I was working on, and making list after list of all the memory keeping projects that I wanted to start...sense and sensibility finally caught up with me.  I just can't maintain all that I want to in my favorite hobby.  And if I could, it would likely mean I wouldn't have any time to spend making these memories I'm so crazy about recording.

So as I was evaluating and re-evaluating and deciding what would work now, for this time in my life, I had to make some decisions.  I know that there is approximately one reader out there who may be interested in the details of that, but the rest of you couldn't care less.  Understandable.  So, in a nutshell, here's what I've determined.

The blog is my primary memory keeping vehicle for our family.  It has evolved so much in the last eight years {and while I'm currently playing catch-up} I'd like for it to continue to be both the way I share stories with faraway family and the way I preserve those stories for us for the future (by printing into a book at the end of the year). 

Because I create these family yearbooks, I want to be sure to include the photos that we take that maybe don't warrant an entire post.  There are no real stories to share for every single picture we take, but they're just adorable stand alone photos that need to be off the hard drive and printed in the yearbook.

The plan is to publish a post weekly, with my favorite photos from the previous week.  Some photos may require a few words of description, for others, no words will be necessary.  Some weeks there may be a dozen, others maybe only one (or none!).  In this way, I hope to preserve a bigger (and cuter!) picture of our life right now.

So, you can expect it to look a little something like this:

{I was at a class at church and came home to find everyone, including Brad (!), crafting it up.  Be still my paper-lovin' heart!}

{Homework at Dad's office.}

{Our first tea party!}

{OMG.  Dude needed to take a picture of his post-bath hair.}

{If it wasn't obvious...the beard.}

{Basketball evaluations - Drew's in the orange.}

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