Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Yesterday we celebrated Drew turning NINE years old in what has become our traditional sort of way.  It was a school day, so opening presents before school is always preferred (who wants to wait all day to open gifts?!  Of course, that means that he has leave them all behind when it's time to go to school, but at least the agonizing anticipation of "what'd I get?" doesn't ride with him all day long.)

(I don't even think Reed and Ruby knew what it was!)

So the story goes a little something like this: Drew loves video games.  Although he's only allowed an hour of play a day, he only asks for video game stuff.  All of it.  He's fallen in love with the Skylanders video games - of which there are several - of which, he wishes to own them all.  They're all the same concept - they use a "portal" that you put different figures on that then "warp" into the game to play.  (Why this is necessary versus just selecting a character on the screen, I do not know.  Oh, wait.  Money.  Right.  Get those parents to spend more money!  That's right!)  Anyway, it is pretty fun (at least for Drew) and he's determined to make himself a collector.  His practical mother, on the other hand, sees them as all the same and wishes he'd be satisfied with one.  No need for three!  However, he's a kid.  It's all that he wants.  And it became affordable.  I happened upon a great deal on the newest Skylanders SuperChargers starter pack on Amazon (half price!) and because Drew was convinced he wouldn't get it, he was quite thrilled when he opened his package and found it!

He also received Pokemon cards, a couple Minecraft t-shirts, and some Skylanders books.  

The birthday boy took us out to Culver's for dinner (of course).

After the big birthday meal and dessert last night, we saved the cake for tonight.  Drew requested a three layer chocolate cake.  That's exactly what I did...and then learned yesterday (after it was all done) that he wished for three layers like what I did for the Jake cake or the McQueen cake.  Oops.  I guess I'll have another shot at it whenever it is Drew decides how he wants to celebrate his birthday with his friends (no party planned yet - he can't make up his mind for what he wants to do).

I thought I was making the frosting all Skylander-ish with my color choices and application technique, but it really just ended up looking like the globe.  Still super cool (in my opinion) and Drew was very gracious and humored me. ;P

This kid.  I just don't even know what to say.  The older he gets, the more time that passes, I find myself more and more unable to articulate all that he is - to me, to our family, to this world.  As my firstborn, he challenges me in new and uncommon ways - he is, truly, our guinea pig.  He is, slowly but surely, becoming less boy and becoming more man, and I just can't even.  But also, as my oldest, he has my heart like no one else.

Happy Birthday, Bubba.
You are incredible.  

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