Saturday, January 9, 2016

Reed & Me {Our January Date}

Last year, we attempted to make monthly dates with the boys a regular thing.  It worked for a month, here and there, but we just couldn't keep it consistent.  One of the ways I hope to really begin to reconnect with the boys, and give them some individual attention, is to get these monthly dates on the calendar and follow through.  Right now, Reed's dates are scheduled for the first Saturday of the month and Drew's are scheduled for the fourth Saturday of the month.

Here's how they work: the boys can pick either mom or dad to take on a date, and then they get to choose what we do.  These winter months are going to be a little tricky - opportunities are a little lacking during these cold days (and let's face it: we've never claimed to be an "outdoorsy" family).  Dates occur outside of the house so that the other parent can stay here with the other two kids, so we'll have to be creative as to how we can spend our time together while the snow is still on the ground.

Today was Reed's day (we rescheduled from last Saturday because we were traveling home from the holidays last week).  He chose me (he tells me he always will) ;) and he wanted to have donuts for breakfast (his favorite date) and then go sledding. 

Well, we woke up this morning to a sloppy wet mess.  While we have a couple inches of snow on the ground, the temperatures rose yesterday and it rained through the night last night.  Not ideal for sledding.  Time for Plan B.  I told him we could still do donuts and then something else to replace sledding.

He picked ice cream.

Donuts and ice cream?  I'm in!  #yolo

For the record, we did break the sweets up throughout the day, and then we stopped by the Redbox and picked up a little something for the whole family to enjoy.

Here's to many more donuts with my sweet boy!

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