Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Saturday Morning of my Dreams

Today.  Oh, today.

This morning was the Saturday morning I have been waiting for for the past nine+ years.

Somebody must've slipped us all a little somethin' before we went to bed last night.  Or Ruby's new bed is magical.  Because we were breaking records here this morning.

Brad was up at 7:50.  Two broken records: up before 8:00 and the first one up!

Reed up at 8:05.

Lesley up at 8:13.  Broken record: up after 8:00!!  {I was awake before this, but the house was so, so wonderfully quiet, I just laid in the quiet and loved it.}

Ruby up at 8:25.

Drew up at 8:28.  Broken record: the last one up!  {He is, quite usually, the first.}

What Ruby's bed has to do with any of us other than her sleeping well, I have no idea.  But I'm gonna go ahead and give that bed all of the credit.

Please, please, let's do this again.

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