Sunday, February 28, 2016

Favorite Photos of the Week {#8}

{She's learning to help herself.}

{Occasionally, we have a snack supper, which consists of whatever fruit/nuts/crackers/dips/etc etc etc we have on hand.  They are best enjoyed picnic style on the living room floor.}

{Brothers on a Saturday morning.  Yes.}

{She's a sure shot.  No joke.}

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Favorite Photos of the Week {#7}

{Family Feud family game night at church.}

{Old school brought to you by Dad's old baseball game.}

{Reed attended a friend's birthday party at the arcade and scored it big time (500 tickets!) on a it-costs-one-dollar-to-press-your-luck-on-a-two-second-arcade-game game!}

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Skylander vs. Skylander

We delayed on making plans for Drew's birthday this year, well, because I'm just kinda over it.  I think I expressed these thoughts last year and at the time, I had fairly well convinced myself that Drew's party days were over.  And then this year arrived.  And I ate my words.

To be fair, Drew wasn't overly stoked about making plans either, or so it didn't seem.  Perhaps it was just his lack of decision making that caused the delay.  I kinda thought we were to the point where it could be conveniently forgotten about, but then a big dose of mama guilt kicked in and we got our plans in gear.  Yet again, I couldn't convince him to do anything different but have his friends over to the house.  Thankfully, after last years massive invite list, I told him that six friends was the max this year, and all six ended up being able to join us today to celebrate.

And after I got his other birthday cake all wrong - I redeemed myself with this baby.

When we were talking about his party, and what Drew wanted to do with his friends at our house since he wasn't keen to go anywhere to do anything, he opted for a video game tournament.  Skylander vs. Skylander, brackets and everything.  Not all of his friends participated, but they were all good sports about watching and cheering each other on.

Once again, Drew has some of the best buddies.  It was a great afternoon because of them and because of Drew and how well they get along and how well that entertain themselves and how awesome they are to each other.

Love these kids.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Lending Me a Hand

Brad left early this morning, to head back to Iowa for the funeral of a close friend's father.  When the snow began to fall today, and didn't stop, I knew I'd have to recruit the boys to help me out so that I wouldn't get stuck in the driveway...which is what happened the last time Brad was gone and I didn't shovel.

When we got home after school, before they went into the house and unloaded their gear, we all grabbed a shovel and got to work.  And guess what?!  They were totally awesome about it.

And hope remains that I am doing something right here.
And that they will grow up to be mature, responsible, thoughtful men.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Favorite Photos of the Week {#6}

{Her smile through her pacifier, those squinty, happy eyes.  Adore.}

Love Bugs {a photo shoot}

I attempted to shoot a few photos today, to celebrate Valentine's Day, much like I did a couple years ago (still one of my favorite photos of all time).

Here's how things went...

My first response was "not awesome."
But how wonderfully do these capture my kids right now?
Ruby: spunky with some spice
Reed: goofy and wild 
Drew: "Can I go play video games?"

And then I pushed things a little too far.
I asked the boys if they would recreate this photo from 2011:

and I got this:

Yep.  That pretty much sums it up.

This is the one I framed.
Because it's perfect.

Happy Valentine's Day!