Thursday, February 11, 2016

Love & Friendship at School

I have been unable to get into either of the boys' classrooms on a regular basis to volunteer so far this year, so being with them on party days is super fun.  Today's Valentine's parties were especially awesome because 1) Grammy and Papa are here so Ruby got to stay with them at home, and 2) the boys' parties were scheduled at different times this afternoon so I was able to be with both of them for the entirely of their celebrations.  Super rad.

First, Drew's party.  Snacks.  Games.  Crafts.  Yes.

Drew's best bud, Laremy.  I love this photo.

The get-the-cookie-from-your-forehead-to-your-mouth-without-using-your-hands game.

Tic - Tac - Toe and

Valentine's Mad-Libs.

The party came to an end about 2:00 as there was still spanish and art classes to attend.

Then off to Reed's class.  Snacks, games, and crafts, on repeat.

Sometimes he crafts while he snacks!

Although it's not their usual routine, I always love these sneak peeks into their days at school - seeing them in their environment, with their friends and their teachers.  It's just super, super cool.  

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