Tuesday, February 9, 2016

That One Time Ruby Broke Buddy's Back

I'm not entirely sure how it happened.  Because, welp, I wasn't watching.  Quality parenting for the win.

Our couch and loveseat are arranged in a 'L' shape in our living room, so that when I'm sitting on the couch, I cannot see what is happening behind the loveseat.  And, as it happened, I was on the couch and Drew, Ruby and the dog were behind the loveseat.  I knew they were there, but wasn't cognizant of any wrongdoing until I heard Buddy yelp and saw him scoot over to me, with his head down low.  He got onto the couch and laid himself right into my body like he's never done before.  

According to Drew, it was a game of leapfrog gone wrong.  And Ruby won.

I posted this on Facebook on Friday:

I think Ruby broke the dog.

As the weekend progressed (the incident happened on Thursday afternoon), Buddy went back and forth between behaving like his was fine and acting like he need an epidural.  He was hesitant to get onto the couch, and at times found it difficult to hop the step up into the house after being outside, but he wasn't nursing any particular part of his body.  As the days passed, we wondered about every different part of his body, never able to determine what exactly was injured.  Leg? Ribs? Back? Neck?  We're still not sure, but with each day, he seems to be recovering more and more.

And he's sure to keep a safe distance from Ruby.  He gives her quite the stink eye.

And Ruby now wears the leash.  She can't be trusted.

(All kidding aside, she's been properly disciplined and we will be watching more diligently.) 


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